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NSTC Alumni Association Magazine (NAAM)

NSTC Alumni Association Magazine (NAAM) is another modest effort of the Alumni to promote the goals of NSTC and STEM Careers Project. This magazine is aimed at informing students about the NSTC application procedure, screening test, training camps, International Science Olympiads, Home Institutions and Coordinators, NSTC Alumni Association events, Alumni updates, interesting science articles, guidance for younger students to secure admission abroad and much more. There was a lot of enthusiasm when we launched the magazine and the alumni sent a huge number of articles which were interesting and informative. Their efforts are commendable, but it was decided that in this first issue only those articles should be included which carry information about NSTC and STEM Careers Project. The articles which were not included this time will be included in the next issues. The Editorial Board did a remarkable job in compiling these articles and the Editors, especially Mushal Noor, contributed a lot, despite the huge burden of her medical studies.  

Along with the current sections in NAAM, two more sections will be added: ‘Inbox’, which will include suggestion, comments and any other mail to the Editors; and ‘Alumni News’, highlighting alumni activities, achievements and any distinguished news about Alumni which they share with us. We would like to welcome you to send us your comments, suggestions and articles for the next issues. The articles could be sent to your concerned sub-editor at the information given in the Editorial Board.


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